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Further radio-airplays on this great stations:             February 13, 2019

Our newest single "Do It" in "BORO'S Rockshow" on "Radar Radio Darmstadt".

Moreover "Young Heroine" in "Bermuda Music Special" show on "Bermudafunk" in Mannheim, again!!

Velvet Sadness.                February 08, 2019

First impression of "Velvet Sadness".

Anselm Weber on Cello!

Still Airplays!              February 01, 2019

"Do It" and "Young Heroine" collides on "Mosel Radio" and also bring the thunder on "NEWCOMERRADIO" in Sankt-Augustin!

Baaaaaam.......                  January 31, 2019

....and the show goes on!! Airplays with "Do It" and "Young Heroine" on "HaPPyFan Radio" in Delitzsch.

Also "HANDPICS" with these new singles on radio "StHörfunk" in Schwäbisch Hall!

New Radioairplays in Radio!!                January 29, 2019

With "Do It" and "Young Heroine" on "RAdAR Radio Darmstadt" (+Statement) and in "ROTATION"

with "Young Heroine" on radio "LOHRO", from Rostock.

The first impressions of our upcoming album!           January 27, 2019 the playlist on radio again!             January 18, 2019

Our songs "Young Heroine" and "Do It" in the Playlist on "H'ART On Air"!!
-->104,5 MHz , Wiesental.

That's it! Recordings done!!               January 11, 2019

The recordings of our 2nd album are over. Next week this crazy stuff get mixed and mastered. Nice!!

We'll keep you up to date! ;-)

Radioairplays on "Studentenfunk", Regensburg!!              January 10, 2019

Radioairplay with "Young Heroine" and ROTATION with "Do it" on "Studentenfunk" in Regensburg!

New Radioairplays!!                   January 04, 2019

Two more shows on "Bermudafunk" in Mannheim with our songs "Young Heroine"

and "Sleepless" (debut-album).

Also airplays on "German Rock" in Osnabrück!

Next Radioairplays !!                       January 03, 2019

Yeah, show goes on!!

Airplay No 1: In the Playlist of "Bermudafunk" in Mannheim with our song "Young Heroine".

Airplay No 2: In The Playlist of "Radio Magdeburg" with our song "Do It".

Be curious! ;-)

Happy new year everyone!!                 December 31, 2018

We had amazing moments in 2018.

We caught new connections and material, had great shows and produce our new album!!

Thanks to everyone who made this real, be curious and look forward to 2019!!

Happy new year, sincerely Vellocet.


Picture: ©Joy Dana 

Impression of  this year's Vibrofest.               December 23, 2018

For more pictures go to "Listen 'n' Look" or to our social media.

Pictures by:  ©Sebastian Koch.

Next Radioairplays!!            December 21, 2018

Now you can listen Vellocet at "Radio Dreyeckland" in Freiburg here --> 102.3 mhz

and as of now:

Our single "Young Heroine" available in the playlist of "Campus Radio Mainz"!!


New Radioairplays!!                 December 14, 2018

Our brandnew single "Do It" on radio now.

-->"Radio Okerwelle" (Braunschweig 104,6)

-->"Radio Blau" (Leipzig 99,2 / 94,4 / 89,2 / 97,9 MHz)

The hall will be burn on saturday!!      December 06, 2018

Come on over and let destroy this hall!!
If everything goes well we will record a live album!! ;-)

Today Is The Day!!             November 17, 2018

Come to the one and only rock'n'roll festival in speyer!!

The incredible VIBROFEST #5!!

Don't miss it!!

Next Show->VIBROFEST!!             November 06, 2018

Don't miss the raddest, greatest and best rock'n'roll festival in history!!

Vibrofest in Speyer, Halle 101!

Beer there and roll with us!!

New Single + Music Video Out Now!!                    October 26, 2018

Our brandnew single "Do It" Out Now!!

Click the picture below!

Live-action!!                   October 16, 2018

Thanks to ©Nataly Zibert for the great Liveshoots!!

Our official EPK...                  September 30, 2018

available on YouTube now.

Today in the studio....         September 20, 2018

...Anselm drives the Cello.

Upcoming shows!!                         August 01, 2018

-------->"Pfingstgewerkel" 2018, Bad Dürkheim---------July 06, 2018

Brandnew single out now!!                 June 01, 2018

"Young Heroine" is the first single of our coming album!!

Available on all platforms now!!

Next concert with the Vibromatics in Limburgerhof!!               (May 27, 2018)

On saturday june 16. we play with the one and only Vibromatics in Limburgerhof at JUZ!

Be there and have fun with us! It will be a great show, we promise ;-)

©Joy Dana.             May 01, 2018







Additions are reserved! Subject to changes!!

Upcoming shows....!                     March 27, 2018

Concert from saturday ;-)                         March 19, 2018

It was a great show on saturday night! Thanks to everyone for coming!!

Big thank you to Roland Wollweber for documenting this night!!

This is the result ;-)

New official music video will come soon!!                March 10, 2018

Yesterday we met our friends and supporters of "Prime8-Video" to make a new music video!!
Be curious!! Come to our concert next week! ;-)

New song on Youtube out now!!               February 25, 2018

The last video from the Altstadtfest concert out now!!

Linus Müller on Drums/Percussion.

Shooting with Joy Dana.                 February 03, 2018

One result of shooting by ©Joy Dana.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is love!!                 December 09, 2017

This is the next live video of our acoustic gig in Speyer, Altstadtfest 2017. Song called "Love Song".

Enjoy and have fun!

The guitartracks are done!! Now it's vocals time!!            December 08, 2017

It was an amaaazing time and it's still!! I love the guitartracks, they're very groooovy and sexy!

You should be serious!!

"RADIO BOB's!" Newcomer of the month! !!                   October 27, 2017

We did it!! We are RADIO BOB's "Newcomer of the month"!!

Thanks to all our friends, familys and of course our fans!!

You are the greatest!!!

Tonight at 10:45 pm you will hear our song "Outta Control" there!!

That evening an interview on "Radio Regenbogen 2"!!!             October 26, 2017

Hey there! That evening we're proud to be on "Radio Regenbogen 2".

You will hear an interview of us and our track "Outta Control", too!!

Showtime at 7.30pm!!

just go "online" or--->via radiofrequenzies:


Odenwald/ Heilbronn 102,1
Weinheim 107,7
Rhein-Neckar 106,1
Wiesloch 107,1


In the picture, too: presenter and interviewer Max Peter!!

New record planned!!             October 13, 2017

Now we are in studio and recording the drum parts for our new songs!

Just have a look.

In my opinion...               July 21, 2017 need the right atmosphere to write good songs. Enough said ;-)

Music video "Heartshaker"                  June 22, 2017

This is our second brandnew music video from our brandnew single "Outta Control".

Enjoy! And check out the full-version on Amazon ;-)

Music video "Outta Control"!!                May 30, 2017

This is our brandnew music video from our brandnew single "Outta Control".

Enjoy! And check out the explosive single-version on Amazon ;-)

New single out now!!               May 13, 2017

Our brand-new single is available at Spotify, Amazon and Itunes now, go ahead and enjoy! ;-)

More music portals will follow soon!!

Be kind rewind!!              April 29, 2017

We filmed stuff for new music videos, you should be curious!

New drummer on drumkit!!                  April 24, 2017

After the gig at saturday with our new replacement drummer Linus!

In memory of Jürgen Torunsky                January 05, 2017

He was our first big supporter and gave us the kick off. Interview and concert with Jürgen on Soundcloud.

Thank you for all of it and rest in peace.